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The tooth fairy is leaving less under the pillow these days

The tooth fairy’s generosity has been on a downward trend. Dental deflation has taken its toll; in an annual Tooth Fairy survey, children are receiving an average of $3.19 per lost tooth, down 24 cents from 2014.

Remember that the purpose of the tooth fairy is not just to make you child rich! It’s a popular custom and marks a special occasion. We’ve heard a number of great tooth-fairy tales: “In addition to money, the tooth fairy brought pixie dust (silver glitter)”, “I leave $5, a special toothbrush and a travel-size toothpaste or mouthwash”, “I leave a note from the tooth fairy…if they had a perfect checkup they get an extra $1, “If they brush without being reminded, they are rewarded, etc..” Be creative!


You can probably guess that the tooth fairy is pretty busy visiting a lot of homes with children – 86%! – according to the Delta Dental survey. But, did you know this:

  • She’s most generous in the Northeast
  • She’s most likely to visit homes between 10 p.m. and midnight
  • Moms are most likely to be the fairy’s helper
  • Dads are more indulgent, leaving $3.63 on average versus $2.87 for moms.
  • Nearly 20% of respondents in the Visa survey reported that the tooth fairy left a $5 bill, and 5% said she left $20 or more.
  • $1 per tooth is still the most popular amount
  • The average kid can expect to earn $64 of tooth income over the course of his or her “career”