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Dental Health Facts About Tobacco – E-Cigarettes and Vaping

We all know that tobacco is bad for our health in so many ways. But let’s focus here on only how it can affect your dental health.

There are a couple facts you shouldn’t ignore:
1. Tobacco contributes to plaque which can lead to gum disease
Gum disease can lead to tooth loss.

2. Tobacco is known to cause oral cancers.

These two simple facts may have contributed to the fall of traditional cigarette sales in the past few years. But as the sales of cigarettes declined,
the sales of e-cigarettes has grown. Slick advertising campaign made many people believe that e-cigarettes and vaping is a healthier alternative to traditional smoking because
it produces a smokeless vapor and doesn’t use tobacco. BUT THEY ARE WRONG!


No tobacco does not mean no nicotine…all the problems associated with this chemical are the same including
that it promotes tumor growth in lung, pancreatic, breast and gastrointestinal cancers.

Vaping (the use of vapor to deliver nicotine into the lungs via an electronic cigarette-type devise), doesn’t produce tobacco smoke.
Instead, toxic chemicals form a cloud-like mist – which is often mistaken for water. The chemicals that form this mist have been
linked to various health risks such as cancer, heart and respiratory disease.


Vaping impacts your lungs and DNA, damages your blood cells and impacts your immune system.

When Dr. Jackie Schafer of Colorado Healthy Smiles in Lafayette, Colorado was asked about this subject, she was adamant about
getting the correct information out. Schafer informed us, “On the simplest level, nicotine prevents your body from making saliva. Saliva is what
keep your mouth moist and prevents bacteria buildup. If you don’t have enough saliva, dry mouth occurs. If you have dry mouth,
tooth decay can occur. It’s like a chain reaction that can be prevented.”

“But that’s not all”, she continued. Nicotine reduces blood flow. Most people don’t think about it but this can cause your gums to
not get the oxygen they need to causing the tissue to be unhealthy. That leads to receding gums. This is where the gums pull away from
the root of the tooth.”

“Nicotine can also make you grind and/or clench your teeth since nicotine fires up muscles. This can lead to tooth damage and a host of other dental problems.”


The only thing that vaping is better for is those around you. There is no second-hand smoke for them to breath.

And don’t be confused, vaping, e-cigarettes, juuls… they are all the same thing.

Dr. Schafer and her staff understand that vaping is a personal choice. And though they are seeing more patients who choose to vape, Colorado Healthy Smiles
is known for it’s “ judgement free” attitude. “We don’t preach. We inform. We would like you to talk to us about your usage and to come in for regular dental care appointments
so that we can monitor and treat any problems that might occur.”

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Dan Stratford