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Most of us are familiar with that excruciating toothache which can leave you in tears. It calls for an immediate visit to a dentist in Louisville, Colorado if you are based in the region. At Colorado Healthy Smiles, we offer an efficient dental treatment that will relieve the pain and also solve the dental problem.

What Does Our Restorative Treatment Include

Tooth decay, gum disease, tooth infection, tooth erosion, damage in dental restorations are some of the most common dental problems. We get to the root of the problem and solve it with the necessary treatment which involves medications, dental extraction, root canal therapy, dental fillings, as applicable.

How Preventive Treatment Helps

Don’t look for a Louisville Co dentist only when in pain, you could avoid the pain.  Our preventive treatment involves dental cleanings, periodontal maintenance, advice on maintaining oral hygiene and health.

We love to see that happy and healthy smile on your face! Give us a call at 303-469-3344 to arrange an appointment!