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My tooth is KILLING me…

We’re sure many of your have said this before and some may consider it an exaggeration. But, when you know the whole story you might think twice about ignoring that toothache!

Just like your car – ignoring warning signs can lead to bigger problems. While a toothache may be just a cavity,
you should know that this tooth decay is due to bacteria entering our system through the tooth’s pulp.

If allowed to progress, the germs can multiply. Then our white blood cells need to get involved to try and eliminate the problem. If they can’t, a dental abscess could erupt.

This abscess is in the MOUTH – directly adjacent to the BRAIN. If untreated, it can effect the head, chest, neck and sinuses. And, although rare, it could then migrate into the skull, causing meningitis or worse.

Maybe that’s why years ago, “teeth” were listed as the fifth leading cause of death.

With modern dentistry, there’s no need for this scare. But “death by toothache” was documented in the United States in modern times, too. As recently as 2007, a twelve-year old boy did not receive dental care for a toothache and the tragic ending to this story says a lot.

Gum disease and tooth loss, increased risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke are all related to proper dental care.

People with bad teeth also have problems with employment and socialization. It has been proven that we make judgements – including about motivation and intelligence – based on the aesthetics of our teeth.

“Dental inequality is a problem for young and old alike”, says Shannon Norton of Colorado Healthy Smiles in Lafayette, Colorado. “It’s not always about a beautiful, white, straight smile…sometimes it’s about
your health, PERIOD!”

Jacqueline Schafer, DDS tells those lacking insurance or the ability to pay for dental care, “There are programs out there to help. Call us at Colorado Healthy Smiles, we’ll try and point you in the right direction.”

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Dan Stratford