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Problems With Bedwetting?…Talk to the Dentist

Problems with bedwetting?…talk to the dentist 


Bedwetting is kinda a taboo subject for most parents…and it can lead to real shame and esteem issues for the older kids that experience the problem.  It’s estimated that up to seven million children in the US wet the bed regularly. While it might be a physical incontinence issue, bedwetting has also recently been linked to sleep and breathing disorders. That’s where your dentist and Colorado Healthy Smiles comes in.
Given a medical name of SDB (sleep disordered breathing), it  presents itself in children with symptoms like snoring, buck and/or crowded teeth, stunted growth, mouth breathing, regressed chin, dark circles under the eyes, learning problems, fatigue, and more.  In fact, over 50% of the children that are labeled ADD/ADHA are misdiagnosed and actually have this breathing disorder, but are incorrectly treated with heavy medications to correct the problem.
Any of these symptoms may be caused by a compromised airway. Dr. Jackie Schafer has been trained on how to diagnose the treat children with this problem.
“With an easy, fast, painless scan I will be able to tell if there is evidence of SDB. After that, we can discuss the next steps. It usually only takes 12 to 18 months to fix this problem PERMANENTLY.  And, there are no drugs ever used.”
The treatment involves a retainer like appliance that your child will wear while sleeping.  This small apparatus helps hold the jaw and tongue in the proper position to allow for unobstructive breathing during the night.
Watch this video <link> to see how powerful this slight adjustment can be.  (The mother who shot this video is a nurse)
So how does breathing issues while sleeping actual cause bed wetting?  Simply explained: the brain is working so hard to concentrate on taking in oxygen to breathe while sleeping, it can’t focus on controlling the bladder. Both functions are controlled by the same part of the brain.
Watch this video to hear a doctor explain this correlation further: <link>
Need to find out more? Call today to schedule an appointment for your child or talk to Dr. Jackie.
Here’s to a good – DRY – night’s sleep!
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