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Stocking Stuffer Alert!

Xylitol products may be what you need to keep everyone cavity free in the New Year. Xylitol is a sugar substitute, occurring naturally in the fibers of foods like berries and mushrooms, which just happens to prevent cavities!

We get cavities because the sugar we eat gives energy to bacteria, allowing it to multiply and increase the acid (PH balance) in the mouth. Xylitol prevents the bacteria growth that causes the acid attack on teeth and promotes saliva, which is a natural tooth protector. Since Xylitol isn’t actually a sugar, it doesn’t feed this natural bacteria. There are cavity fighting Xylitol products including: mouthwash, mints, toothpaste and gum. Because most of us are on the go all day and don’t always have access to our tooth brush and floss, Xylitol products become a convenient supplement for fighting cavities. Additionally, since Xylitol occurs naturally in foods and is produced in small amounts by the human body, it’s also safe. Ask us for more information on how you can get Xylitol samples or order Xylitol products and don’t forget to stuff the stockings with Xylitol products this year.

Xylitol’s preventive and therapeutic benefits:
• Helps prevent tooth decay by reducing plaque formation
• Blocks the acids that demineralize tooth enamel
• Halts the growth of acid producing bacteria
• Reduces gingival inflammation
• Has a glycemic level of 7, which does not trigger an insulin reaction in the body, making it useful for diabetics
• Has 40% fewer calories than sugar.
• Raises the pH level to be more alkaline

Happy Holidays!