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The Fountain of Youth…

As we grow older, many are plagued with bouts of sleeplessness due to stress, bathroom trips and other nighttime nuisances. It becomes harder and harder to “sleep like a baby”.

And, you have probably heard that you need less sleep as you age…unfortunately this is just not true according to researchers at UC Berkeley.
In a recent article they state that reduced sleep in the elderly elevates memory loss and a wide range of medical disorders from heart disease and stroke, to diabetes and Alzheimers.

Quite simply put: while we have done a good job at extending our LIFE span, we have done poorly to increase our HEALTH span.

Unlike most “fountain of youth” fixes such as wrinkle cream, botox or hair dye … physical and cognitive conditions often found in the elderly are now being linked to sleep deterioration.

The pharmaceutical and other industries are making “big bank” on this problem by catering to insomniacs with pills, pillows and potions.
But, don’t be fooled…sedation is no substitution for the restorative powers of a good night’s sleep.

A lack of quality sleep has also been linked to sleep related breathing disorders caused by an obstructed, or narrowed, airway. This is where an educated dental professional comes in.
At Colorado Healthy Smiles, Dr. Jackie Schafer is trained in diagnosing and treating sleep related breathing problems. Utilizing a scan for diagnosis and a “retainer like” devise for treatment, many sleep related diseases can be minimized – or even eliminated.

“A simple scan can be done in our office to see if you might be experiencing obstructive breathing that is affecting your ability to get quality, curative rest. If we find out this is the case, it’s an easy, painless, relatively fast “fix” to get you back on track to a good night’s sleep.”

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Dan Stratford