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What is Breathing Wellness?

All of a sudden, everywhere you turn you’re hearing about sleep and breathing research.
Healthcare professionals are discovering links between your quality of sleep and how it
correlates to your health.  They are also finding out poor sleep is often related to breathing
This “Breathing Wellness Movement” is being lead by a variety of multidisciplinary healthcare providers –
and Jackie Schafer DDS of Colorado Healthy Smiles is one of those health professionals that
has seen significant changes in patients that have been treated with the VIVOS method.
This method focuses on three foundational components – airway, breathing and sleep.
Dr Schafer states, “It might seem strange to go to a DENTIST to be diagnosed for a sleep disorder, but when
you understand that your sleep issues are caused by an obstructive airway, it begins to make sense
why a dentist trained in this area,  could be your first line of defense. An open, healthy airway leads to proper breathing,
especially at night.  This promotes a deep, restful sleep that rejuvenates our body and mind, which is needed for
optimum health and overall wellness.”
What most people don’t understand is that compromised breathing during sleep has been connected to
several health problems which are serious – even life-threatening.  And yet millions of people who suffer from
this problem remain undiagnosed.
“It is disturbing to me that people don’t seek help”.  Dr Schafer points out.  “A simple, fast, painless scan will help tell me if you have an obstructive airway.
The treatment – which will usually solve the problem in around 18 months – is an oral appliance, much like the retainer we all wore after we got our braces off”.
People who suffer from sleep disordered breathing underestimate its impact on their health.  Problems like
depression, aggression, ADHD, chronic allergies, anxiety, heart disease, hypertension, migraine, diabetes,
fibromyalgia and even cancer can be all linked to breathing disorders.  And this problem is seen in both young and older
If you or someone you know snores – breaths with their mouth open – wakes up feeling tired or with a headache,
they may be candidates for this treatment.  Call us for an appointment today…don’t wait another night!
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Dan Stratford