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Bad Breath – Halitosis – Dragon Mouth…you’re not alone.

There are a lot of different reasons why your mouth may stink – so are harmless, others are a sign of something more serious.
Visit your dentist – learn the cause – get a solution and breath easier.

YOU STINK because of bacteria in your mouth
When you eat, left behind food gives bacteria something to feed on and then leave a foul-smelling product behind.
You know the cure – brush for 2 minutes, twice a day. Floss once a day.

YOU STINK because of dry mouth
Saliva is important to naturally and continuously wash you mouth. You make that medications that dry up that
saliva production. OR – you might have dry mouth because you breath with your mouth open or have a salivary
gland problem. To solve the problem – try eating healthy foods that require a lot of chewing like carrots or apples.
Sugar free candies and gums can help with dry mouth also. And your dentist can recommend artificial saliva mouthwashes and sprays.

YOU STINK because of gum disease
If your bad breath is always there or you have a bad taste in your mouth constandly, chances are you have advanced gum disease. Get to the dentists STAT!

YOU STINK because of what you eat
Garlic, coffee, onions…they all affect the air you exhale from you mouth. Mouthwashes and breath mints can neutralize this kind of bad breath.
It’s only a temporary solution however. The longer you wait to brush and floss that food out of your mouth – the longer you may offend those around you.

YOU STINK because you smoke or chew tobacco
And since smoking affects your sense of smell – you might not even know how bad you smell!
The solution – stop smoking and all tobacco use.

YOU STINK because of a medical condition
Sinus infections, reflux, liver and kidney disease can all be reasons for bad breath. See your doctor provider right away to rule out serious health concerns.

Jacqueline Schafer, DDS located in Broomfield, Colorado says, “Nearly everyone experiences bad breath. If you have concerns about persistent bad breath – start by making an appointment to see your dentist. A dental professional will be able to tell if it’s a dental problem or whether we need to refer you to a primary care physician to make sure it’s not something more serious.”

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Dan Stratford