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Pretty Faces without Braces

Medicine has come a long way in recent years…and that includes dental medicine.

Although we have all known that the most important stages of growth for your child’s face and jaw occurs during childhood, parents knew little about underdeveloped of the mouth and jaw.

Crooked teeth in children is often the result of this underdevelopment and is why millions of children have had to wear braces in the past. But science has advanced and now knows that many of these children have this problem with “narrowing” in the jaw because of difficulty breathing at night!

A narrow airway may lead to jaws and roof of the mouth narrowing – and this causes the dental issues that previously lead orthodontists to suggest braces. But this new dental appliance and research is showing that braces may be a thing of the past!

A simple mouthguard worn at night while sleeping is capable of repositioning the mouth to offer relief and a better night’s sleep for many – children and adults alike.

Left untreated, this compromised airway can lead to many other health conditions much more alarming than a crooked smile.
Depression, hyperactivity, agression, headaches, asthma, obesity, chronic allergies, swollen adenoids and tonsils…many childhood health conditions may be the result of an underdeveloped mouth and jaws.

Dr. J. Schafer of Colorado Healthy Smiles serves patients in the Lafayette and Broomfield, Colorado region has been studying researching and studying breathing wellness
and has seen first hand what VIVOS therapy can do for her young patients. “I’ve seen bedwetting problems disappear in a matter of weeks. I’ve witnessed classroom issues subside.
I’ve helped children avoid surgery…all with a mouth “retainer” that they wear at night”.

“I’m not talking about something that you have to do FOREVER. Many of these problems clear up in 18-24 month…and some clear up much quicker.”

While parents are often reluctant to try therapies that are new, especially when it comes to their children, Dr. Jackie can assure them that this treatment is
safe and effective and she urges parents to talk to her if their child(ren) exhibit crooked or crowded teeth, mouth breathing, bed wetting or even restless sleep habits.
“A simple, painless, fast dental scan will help us both decide what our next step should be.”

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