Soon — VERY soon (hopefully) — we will be unmasked, and the world will see our smiles again.

For many, this will be a relief, but those with dental issues might have felt more comfortable hiding behind a mask.

There are many reasons people may have liked mandatory face coverings; crooked or missing teeth, gum disease, even something as minor as yellowed, stained teeth can keep a person from showing the world how they feel by smiling.

Haven’t we had enough anxiety, uncertainty, and isolation? Now’s the time to change all that!

Last month, we wrote about the issues associated with wearing masks and your oral health. If you haven’t been vigilant about brushing, flossing, and keeping up with your dental appointments, you may find you developed other dental issues as well. But don’t put it off any longer.

Whether your smile needs teeth-straightening (we use the Invisalign system so that you can keep smiling while the treatment is working!), veneers, implants, in-office or at-home whitening options, or other cosmetic needs, schedule an appointment to talk with Dr. Jackie and let’s get you ready for SMILING!

But so far, we have only addressed the aesthetics of your mouth. There’s a side to all this that is much more serious.

If you need another good reason to get — and keep — your smile in shape, know that poor dental practices can lead to a variety of overall health issues. On the website, they point out that while a cavity might not affect your health adversely, the gum disease that may occur because a cavity is left untreated CAN! Bacteria from gum disease can enter your bloodstream and travel throughout your system.

If the bacteria enter your brain, there is a theory it might contribute to diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia.

If gingivitis bacteria travels to your heart, the inner lining of the heart may become infected and/or inflamed, increasing your risk of a coronary event.

Periodontal disease may make your blood sugar erratic, causing diabetic complications.

And, as if we haven’t worried enough about our respiratory system recently, inhaling the harmful bacteria from your teeth and gums could lead to lung infection and pneumonia.

So, taking care of your teeth is vital to a healthy smile…and a healthy life! While you’re getting your smile ready for its “unveiling”, you’ll also be doing something good for your overall health. It’s a WIN-WIN; you can be beautiful and healthy, both inside and out! Make your appointment today.