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Water and Your Teeth

Staying hydrated is important, something most Coloradoans know. Anyone who has experienced a headache during activities in the mountains has been told to “drink more water!”

Whether you’re a glass half empty or glass half full person, sipping from that glass is one of the best things you can do for your health…and your teeth!

Here’s what a little H20 can do for your oral health:

Drinking water can make your teeth stronger

If the water you are drinking is from a municipal water source, chances are that it contains fluoride. Fluoride has been called “nature’s cavity fighter” and is one of the easiest ways to help prevent having to visit your dentist to get a filling.

After nearly 70 years of playing a major role in the public’s dental health, the importance of fluoride in drinking water was tested in Calgary in 2011. Curious about the impact, the city stopped putting this additive in the water system. By 2016, research published indicated that there was far more tooth decay in second-grade children than had been recorded prior to the discontinuation of fluoride in drinking water. Read more here

Need more proof…the Center for Disease Control and Prevention proclaimed fluoride to be one of the 10 greatest public health achievements in the 20th century!

Drinking water helps keep your mouth clean

There are a lot of drinks you can quench your thirst or wash down a meal with, but many contain acids and/or sugars that can be left behind on your teeth. These sugars promote cavity-causing bacteria that can wear away your teeth’s enamel surface.

Drinking water instead will clean your mouth by washing away the leftover food and diluting any acids or sugars that are present in your mouth.

Water assists in keeping your mouth moist

Saliva keeps your mouth wet and is the first defense against tooth decay. It not only washes away food particles, but it helps you swallow. It also provides the same washing action that drinking water performs.

But sometimes, when your saliva is running low, you risk a dry mouth…and that is an environment that promotes cavities. If you are drinking water throughout the day, the chances of developing dry mouth are greatly reduced.

Water has 0, zero, nada calories!

Your body is a highly functioning machine. Everything that goes in your mouth can affect it. Getting into a water drinking habit vs. drinking sweetened drinks and juices is better for your body – and the proof is in the numbers on your scale!

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